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The right solution to ensure that your contacts have always your informations and contact details updated.

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The carte de visite numérique allow you to keep your professional relations even if they change their contact details and despite life's hazards.

Thanks to the printed visit card, your contacts are linked to your personal online page. It contain your activities, your contact details, a vCard ready to be downloaded and a link to you social networks.

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Your advantages

You can ...
  • Change your contatct details without your contacts lose it.

  • Own your professional web showcase

  • Protect your personal details, choose

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Benefits to your contacts

your contacts can ...
  • Download quickly your vCard in their address book

  • Automaticaly receive in your mailbox your updates of personal informations

  • Acces easily to your data on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Link : paper & numeric

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Short URL with your ID!
Mobile application not needed.

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Know in the world , easy and fast to use with a smartphone

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Who are we

Student at the Ecole des Mines d'Alès in Computer sciences , we are leading this project "Carte de visite numerique" and self employed. For more informations check our Carte de visite numerique :

Antoine Gély & Jean-baptiste Ode
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